Meet The Filmmakers: “The Maze Runner” at The Apple Store [London]

"I’m counting on you guys."

└ 4.04 - Chicken or Beef


In The Flesh Appreciation
  ∟ Day Three: Favourite Living Character
Philip Wilson

I think we should stop this. I think we should all stop pretending. You can only pretend for so long, and then you’re back stuck with yourself. What I’m trying to explain is that if the idea that you were ever a pure person… it just makes everything else so much worse. It makes you so disappointed. People aren’t pure. We are not good any more than they’re evil or they’re inhuman. Maybe we only have to pretend they’re bad because we have to pretend we’re good. But if we could just accept our real selves and live with who we really are and love ourselves, then maybe… maybe we could accept and live with and… and love.


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Damn it. Are you sure you’re okay?


Some men are born to plough fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. 

[happy B day to my little pup Ilenia]